Locus Interview

The good folks at Locus Magazine are offering a deal for the latest issue, which features an interview with yours truly talking about everything from my first novel to my second novel, from Youngstown to Japan.ย  Order the issue with the full interview in Locus postage free (a savings of $3.00) or completely free with a subscription! To receive this special deal, click here.

16 responses

  1. I’m glad I renewed! This is an interesting issue for the interview to be in since it’s ostensibly the YA issue, with OFS straddling both YA and adult (as it does genre and capital-L Literature).

    Looking forward to it.

  2. Tyler, I know! But the photographer kept asking me to lean down into the light for her. In the end, she got the right light she needed, but a very hunched over me. Also, I wasn’t prepared for a photo shoot. It just happened. I so needed a haircut and a shave.

    Robert, thanks for the kind words! And no, you didn’t miss the announcement that I’m doing KGB again this December. I haven’t announced it yet, but that’s the plan! Guess I better update my appearances page on here soon! Hope to see you then!

  3. It’s a cute pic. The slouching makes you look youthful, as does the scruffiness. Congratulations. Is is very, very weird to be on a magazine cover?

  4. This totally gives me a reason to renew my subscription. I was lax and let it slip by the wayside. Oddly enough I was thinking about that the other day, and then today, poof, a concrete reason to do so.

    Congrats on the interview. You need to get up (over?) to Toronto soon. Lots of sushi bars (and bars in general). ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Thanks, Beth! And I’m glad it was an interesting read for you, Mark. I’m sure the copy will get to you fairly quickly, Deb. And yes, I definitely need to get back up to Toronto sometime soon, Derek! I love that city. Haven’t been to visit for a couple of years.

  6. Hi, lenay! I’m glad you liked The Guardian of the Egg! There are lots more out there. If you look on my bibliography page, there should be links to more of my stories.

    By the way, I started reading your blog. I love it!

  7. Look at you! That’s a great photo and I’m going to seek out that Locus. Congrats!!

    Also, Happy Belated Birthday. I think I missed it by a day or so?


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