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Looks like the first review is in on The Love We Share Without Knowing, this one from Publishers Weekly.  I’ll be posting these, for better or worse (ala Jeff Ford), as they come in.  I’m pretty pleased with this one.

The Love We Share Without Knowing Christopher Barzak. Bantam, $12 paper (288p) ISBN 978-0-553-38564-9
Barzak’s accomplished novel-in-stories dwells on people dealing with life’s sorrows through somewhat tenuous connections. Set in Japan, the narratives focus on protagonists from the country and travelers in search of a new life, as in “Realer Than You,” in which 16-year-old Elijah Fulton longs for his native America while struggling to fit into his new surroundings outside of Tokyo. “The Suicide Club” is made up of four young adults on the fringe of Japanese society attempting to make sense of their lives, while “Sleeping Beauties” concerns, albeit sappily, an American teacher and his Japanese lover; the narrator loses his identity through total immersion in his lover’s life, yet it’s the slow return to self that is even more devastating. “If You Can Read This You’re Too Close” centers on a disillusioned, selfish young man whose life is changed after a blind man sees him. Barzak’s perceptive writing evinces the fragile and overwhelming desire for meaning and love. (Nov.)



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10 responses to “First Review”

  1. Karen Avatar

    It’s a very strong review. WANT BOOK

  2. Rick Bowes Avatar
    Rick Bowes

    Not as stupid as the average PW review. The reviewer has definitely read a book not unlike your book.

  3. chance Avatar

    Oh that’s nice.

  4. lucy Avatar

    Yay for you! And now I have to wait two months for the book. Such a tease!

  5. fusakota Avatar


    I already made pre-order two copies at Amazon jp.

    And Please send me one with your autograph,

    when you are not busy, OK?

  6. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    Thanks, Karen! I thought it was strong, too.

    Rick, yes, I feel like someone read the book.

    Thanks, Chance and Lucy!

    And of course I will send a signed copy when it comes out, Okaasan. 🙂

  7. ndr Avatar

    Well, I think it’s a good start!
    good luck! and good night.
    as someone said.

  8. Tyler Avatar


  9. Deb Weaver Avatar

    I can’t wait!!!!

  10. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    Thanks ndr, Tyler, and Deb! I can’t wait, either. 🙂

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