Small changes

Some actual work to this site got done this weekend, partly due to the fact that the Toshiba laptop I’d been working on for four years finally went to laptop heaven, and I finally went out immediately after and bought myself the MacBook I’d been wanting to get for a while now.  So in the midst of switching from Windows and getting used to my new tapping and typing tool, I fooled around with things here a little bit.  Made a little banner for the top of the site, with a sample of an image from my next book’s cover.  And also made a page on this site for the book itself, which you can find here, if you’re curious.  

On Friday I came home from work to find a slim mailer on my doorstep from my publisher.  Inside was the cover flat for The Love We Share Without Knowing, and it made the rest of my weekend a little bit cheerier. I really like the cover design and the colors, a sort of black and white grainy filmic image of two ghostly characters with their backs to the viewer, and through their semi-transparent bodies you can see portions of Tokyo.  I sort of love what that says in and of itself.  And brown and black and smoky seaglass green colors in general wrapping around the lower half of the book.  The fade to white above.  And two blurbs on the back cover, too, one from Dan Chaon and the other from Michelle Richmond.  Really lovely, wonderful blurbs, which made my jaw drop and feel really honored when I read them.  I’ve put those on the page for the book as well.  

A busy week ahead.  Another one of those one day at a time weeks, I think, where I’ll try not to think too much about what I have to get done until I absolutely have to get it done.  I am sooo looking forward to winter break already, even though it’s just now fall, and the trees are turning colors, and Halloween is here, which I love.  Free time, right now, is way more attractive.







4 responses to “Small changes”

  1. keyanadrake Avatar

    The blurb of your first book sounds amazing, exactly the kind of book I’d read, I’ll keep a look out for it in shops here in New Zealand. I’m envious of your situation of having your second novel published very soon. I’ve just about finished editing book two of a science fiction series I’m writing, and not yet published book one. I’m very very envious.
    That said…Congratulations on recieving the cover! 🙂

  2. lucy Avatar

    I love the cover, too. We’re getting closer to release date! Yipee.

    I know what you mean about the free time. My October calendar is full, and November is already filling up. Does keeping this busy help us stay young? I hope so.

  3. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    Thanks, Keyana (I hope I read that correctly, and it’s your first name. If not, apologies!).

    I can’t believe the release date is just around the corner either, Lucy. And I’m not sure if keeping this busy helps me stay young. I feel like I’m worn out and looking that way, lately. 🙂

  4. Tyler Avatar

    at least your virtual self is looking good!

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