The Drowned Life

Another wicked good collection of short stories, The Drowned Life, by Jeffrey Ford.  Ford’s short stories are some of the best being written today.  The have the weirdness and fantastical approach to describing reality that we find in original practitioners of the American short story, like Hawthorne and Poe, as well as the gritty realism that readers have become accustomed to in the short story form over the years.  What I enjoy most about a Jeffrey Ford story is that they always capture some essence of the human condition, or create a new way to understand something about our lives that, before reading the story, seems invisible.  Take a chance on this book, even if you don’t tend to read short stories.


You can order it by clicking here.

Also, I have not yet learned how to save images from websites on my MacBook yet, so I’m without a cover image here.  Anyone want to tutor me?  Feel free to send me a message or leave a comment.

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  1. While control-clicking works like a right-click in Windows, it is also possible to set up a “right-click” on your trackpad. Go the the “Keyboard & Mouse” section of the System Preferences, and look under the “Trackpad” tab. If you have it set up to accept a tap on the trackpad as a click, then there will be an option to tap with two fingers for a right-click. (If you don’t have the “Clicking” gesture on, then you have to click the mouse button while you have two fingers on the trackpad.)

    If you didn’t know, dragging two fingers around the trackpad will act as a scroll wheel, and if you hold the control button down while using the scroll wheel, the image on your monitor will actually zoom in and out. I’ve been comfortable moving between Macs and PCs for years now, but these trackpad features are the first things that I REALLY miss when I try to use a non-Mac.

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