On my way to Spain

Some good news last week:  One for Sorrow is heading over to Spain now, to be published in translation by La Factoria de Ideas.  I’m always excited when something I’ve written is translated into another language, especially languages with which I have at least a passing familiarity.  When I received the Italian edition last spring, I spent hours look through the book to see what some sentences and passages looked and sounded like in that language.  And the way the book was packaged there was entirely different than how it was presented in North America, which was interesting too.   I’m thoroughly pleased to know I’ll have the chance to see what my first book looks like in Spanish now, too.



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2 responses to “On my way to Spain”

  1. mattsini Avatar

    Muy Bueno! Hehe

  2. fusakota Avatar

    Felicidades! Omedetou!

    I want see what is the title in Spanish.

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