And now the news

Two things about The Love We Share Without Knowing this week:

It’s been selected as one of the American Booksellers Association’s Indie Next and Notable Books for January 2009.  Thank you independent booksellers!

And just today, Carolyn See reviews the book (and attempts to draw some conclusions about me perhaps as well) in the Washington Post.  

One of the things I really enjoy in the process of publishing is being reviewed.  I love to find out how other people read what I’ve made.  In Ms. See’s hands, it’s read as a book about a generation(s) of post-baby boomer characters, a book of youthful discoveries, as the title of the review indicates.  

You can read the whole thing here.

4 responses

  1. ‘The author, obviously, wants to be understood, but, in the old phrase, he himself doesn’t trust any American over 30.’

    LOL What? I like reviews too but people who make such vast general statements as fact are kind of really ridiculous.

  2. hehehe…can you trust yourself I wonder?

    cool review though. kudos. will this get released in australia, or will i have to get this on amazon, like one for sorrow?

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