On my way to NYC

I barely have time to blog these days, and my thoughts are on so many different things that it’s difficult to hold a cohesive and developed thought on any one of them because of that. Tomorrow I’m on my way to NYC to visit friends, do a radio interview on WBAI’s The Hour of the Wolf program, and read at the KGB Bar next Wednesday night.

I always like visiting NYC around Christmas–the lights, the decorations, the many people out on the streets shopping and carousing with friends, heading home a little tipsy from office parties, that sort of thing. In the summer the city feels less welcoming because it seems to trap the heat down in all that pavement, but winter is sublime.

I’m also looking forward to excellent Japanese food (as opposed to the decent we have here–my standards keep lowering year by year, I think) and also for some Thai, which we sadly lack in the old Youngstown.

Anyway, if you’re around town, come see me at the KGB reading and say hi. Or call the radio show and ask me a question. It’s a really early in the morning show. Last year when I was a guest, we had some great heavy breathers call in.

I heart NY.






5 responses to “On my way to NYC”

  1. fivehusbands Avatar

    I will be sure to tune in – and I do wonder whether you will have a last year’s heavy breathers.

  2. Monica Byrne Avatar

    I’ll be there — there’s a mini-Clarion 2008 reunion happening. And when I say mini, I mean it’s just two of us. 🙂

  3. fusakota Avatar

    Itte rasshai !
    Hasta cuand ” Okaeri”
    12gatsu 8ka, NYC, from -1C ( 32 F) to -7 C ( 20 F) as the newspaper saying.
    Sugoku samui yo, Sapporo mitai.
    Ki wo tsukete!

  4. lucy Avatar

    Jealous! Have a wonderful time.

  5. Karin Avatar

    Merry Christmas and congratulations on the interview and reading! I was just telling a friend how I’d love, once, to go to NYC at Christmastime.

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