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Am having a wonderful time in NYC. Just got back from an early morning radio show at WBAI and am going to crash for part of the morning. Later tonight, I’m going to see Daniel Radcliffe in Equus. Yes, that’s right, Harry Potter himself. The play is from the 70s, and I’ve never seen nor read it, but I hope it holds up or at least delivers something interesting if no longer the same thing it did when it first appeared.

Spent yesterday shopping in Union Square, signing copies of my book at St. Mark’s Bookshop, and eating wonderful Japanese at Kenka, also in St. Mark’s Place. I love Kenka because it’s a pretty traditional Japanese izakaya–the sort of place where a group of friends go in Japan to eat small dishes of many beautiful items and to drink lots of beer, or, in my case, chu-hai. It’s been a long time since I had a chu-hai, but they taste exactly how I remember them. Next Thursday, I’ll be going to a different izakaya with my editor, Juliet, and am looking forward to imbibing some lovely sake.

Also saw the movie “Milk” yesterday.  Sean Penn was amazing, as well James Franco.  It’s the sort of film that should be playing all over in America, in small town theaters as well as large.  It’s possibly Gus Van Sant’s best movie, though I’m sure others will disagree.  It’s a successful movie about civil and human rights, though, and coming on the heels of Prop 8 in California, it’s very timely, though it’s unfortunate that this issue really is still an issue these many years after the fight Harvey Milk waged for gay rights.

More later. For now, sleep.






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  1. lucy Avatar

    Daniel Radcliffe in Equus! I’m jealous again. Why do I always want to spell Equus with two q’s? I miss you, and I hope you found your sleep.

  2. Joyce Avatar

    Hmmm…. shopping in NYC! Oh I am sooo jealous. Glad you are having a wonderful time. Love ya, Mom

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