New York City is often referred to as the city that never sleeps.

This is a radical misnomer. A more apt name for New York City, at least where I’m staying, on the corner of Bleecker and MacDougal, a hot spot for young twenty-somethings out for a weekend of carousing, is the city that never lets you sleep.

Please, drunk girls, stop squealing and stop starting fights with your drunk boyfriends. Please, drunk guys, stop incessantly honking your horns as you pull the car around to pick your crew up. And when your drunk girlfriends pick fights with you, just walk away, really, until everyone is in their right mind again. It will make Everyone much, much happier. And will conserve energy expended on unnecessary drama.

Sleep. I will reach you…at some point.

2 responses

  1. Sorry to hear that, man. I just got into town a couple of days ago myself, and I don’t have that problem at my sister’s place in Brooklyn. Although there’s mucho honking on Ocean Parkway during morning rush hour.

    Btw, I saw several copies of The Love We Share Without Knowing in the Minneapolis airport bookshop, and then yesterday at the Borders next to Madison Square Garden. Yay!

    See you on Wednesday!

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