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  1. GOD I miss you sooooooo much. Listening to your reading voice reminded me of all the times you would read aloud to me. Usually we were just sitting in your tiny 1LK apartment, nursing a hangover with curry pan, coke and the rice bowl. You would usually read me something of no great importance like a newspaper column, a letter from a friend, or the occasional tabloid magazine someone had sent you. Sometimes you would read me a chapter of a book or a short story written my one of your many acquaintances in the literary world. And once in a blue moon, you would read me your own work.

    I miss hearing your voice. I miss discussing books, singing karaoke and being a silly American with you in Japan. But most of all… I just miss you, my Beloved Barzak.

    Thinking of you always,

    P.S. Your accent is back. ; )

  2. Sorry about the fast reading voice, Fusako.

    Jody, the accent is not back–I read like an American speaking Japanese purposefully! 😉 In fact, I gave a reading at my launch party a couple of weeks ago, and a Japanese girl from the university came and told her friends (students of mine) how impressed she was by my sounding very Japanese. hehehe. Anyway, I misse you too, doll. When will you come home so we can hang out again. I miss the karaoke sessions madly. 🙂

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