Home again


Farewell, NYC, for now!  The reading at KGB was lovely, the interview on Hour of the Wolf, always a pleasure, the karaoke a blast, the food always wonderful, the Daniel Radcliffe in Equus, interesting and riveting in an old-fashioned psychodrama sort of way (great set, for sure, and great horses).

And Happy Holidays to those of you reading this.  I’ll be away, most likely, till after the holidays are over.  Plans?  Why, yes.  I’ll not only be Christmas shopping, cleaning house, washing Mt Fuji-sized loads of laundry, preparing for classes next semester, enjoying holiday festivities with family and friends, but also reading the submissions for Interfictions 2.0 (as I’ve come to think of it).  We have an enormous amount of submissions, and from what I’ve already read, going through them all is going to be a pleasurable experience. 

Again, Happy Holidays.

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