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Missed this one while I was traveling last week.  Another review of The Love We Share Without Knowing, this time from Paul DiFilippo over at SciFiWeekly:

Fox maidens, mystical blindness and a host of other Asian supernatural oddities as seen through Western eyes.  This sophomore offering from the author of the well-received One for Sorrow (2007) is a mosaic narrative depicting life from a variety of angles in contemporary Japan—a place with more than its share of subtly bizarre and uncanny happenings and characters.

DiFilippo looks at the book in comparison to Murakami (whose work the book is compared to on the book dust jacket).

The thing I find most interesting about reviews is discovering what things different people see when they read the same object, the overlaps and the departures in interpretation, and the focal points for different eyes.  It’s all made me look at reviews a lot more carefully and with more interest than I perhaps had prior to being a reviewed author.  There’s an art to writing a good review, I’ve come to discover.  I think one of the best sorts of reviews are those that somehow present the feeling of the book to a reader without telling the whole story, and that provides a window of some kind of context for how to view the book (or film, album, etc).

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