Goodreads/Endicott Q&A

If you’re a member of Goodreads (which is a truly awesome social networking service for book lovers), and also a member of the group (on Goodreads) called Endicott Mythic Fiction (an incarnation of the community grown by the amazing Terri Windling and many other amazing writers, artists, musicians, etc, at the Endicott Studio and the Journal of Mythic Arts over many years now) you can participate in a Q&A session with me about my first novel, One for Sorrow, during the last week of this month.  The administrators kindly contacted me a few weeks back and asked if I’d speak with the other members of the group if they chose my book for the monthly reading group, and I was of course more than happy to be invited.  

If you’re not a member of Goodreads, or if you are a member but have yet to join the Endicott Mythic Fiction group, you can do so by clicking here (to become a Goodreads member) or here (to join the Endicott group).  Come, join in on the discussion, and feel free to ask me questions in another week or two.



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