Palin san megane

Dear Japanese readers who find my blog using the terms “Palin glasses” (in Japanese, of course):

Those glasses are not cool.  Not cool at all, yo!  Kakko yokunai!

By the way, since changing laptops to a MacBook, I’ve lost my Japanese language tool kit, which allowed me to type in Japanese, and I don’t know where to locate one for a Mac.  Does anyone out there know where I should look online for one?  Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Arigatou, in advance.

3 responses

  1. How many Japanese readers?
    That is because when you search ” Palin san no megane” in Nihongo at Google, you find your September 16, 2008 blog on the top of the articles.
    I’m sorry but LOL.
    I think Palin’s Glasses are cool, cooler than Bush’s dodged shoes.

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