Lincoln Avenue

Sherry Linkon, of Youngstown State University, has one of the most illuminating radio shows in town, Lincoln Avenue, named both for the street on which our local NPR station is located as well as a play on her last name.  Last week she interviewed Marilyn Geewax, senior business editor for National Public Radio, who also happens to have grown up in Youngstown during the period when the mills here were beginning to shut down.  Marylin’s interview with Sherry talks a bit about the changes that occurred in Youngstown and the surrounding region of Northeast Ohio due to this shifting of the Industrial Age to foreign economies, and how this is really playing out all over again as the entire nation is beginning to shift into the Digital Age.  Instead of Steel Mill workers being told to go elsewhere for work, it’s now journalists, publishing executives, editors, etc, and how this is really the same thing that occurred in the late 70s and early 80s here.  She brings a fascinating perspective to the shift from an Industrial economy to a Digital and Green economy.  If you’re someone interested in this particular thing, you should give the podcast a listen by clicking here.  

And by all means, look through the rest of Sherry’s archives.  Many of her interviews are fascinating.  She asks the best questions, and often gets really good responses.



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