A change

Do you get tired of looking at the same colors and fonts and borders of a website/blog?  I do.  The blue of the former template for this site was totally starting to make me feel blue, so I decided on white with browns and greens, wishful thinking toward spring.  Also, for some reason, after I activated it, there was this old header image already in place at the top, one of me in Kyoto at Kiyomizu Temple, where the water is said to be purer than anywhere else on earth.  I feel a bit refreshed now.  I may be making some more changes to the site in the near future, if I get more time to do so.






2 responses to “A change”

  1. fusakota Avatar

    I jumped off the stage at Kiyomizu last month……Hahaha!
    Of course a Japanese famous metaphor, I am fine!

  2. Tyler Avatar

    Looks good!

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