Alex Myers selected for Interfictions 2 cover art

Here’s the lowdown on the cover art for Interfictions 2.  It’s going to be a weird and wonderful look, I think:


We got a fantastic array of work from artists who responded to our searchfor interstitial images for the cover for our upcoming anthology,Interfictions 2:  over 300 images showed up at the new IAF Pool at Flickr.

Many of them were seriously considered, but we can only do one cover, and in the end editors Delia Sherman & Christopher Barzak, along with publisher Gavin Grant & the first Interfictions volume’s cover artist Connie Toebe, agreed to agree on this one.

 Alex Myers‘ “e” is part of a series he made “as a response to my growing awareness of art as commodity.


These paintings will not last.

They will fade.

They will curl.

They will eat themselves.

They will not make a good investment.

They are beautiful.

All are mixed media on cereal boxes.”

We asked Alex Myers why he thought this painting was a good fit forInterfictions 2, and he replied:

” . . .  because this series has always dwelt in a place between comfortable categories.  Not quite traditional painting, nor traditional throw-away package design, they instead, hybridize the two, creating a space for themselves.  This to me is the very essenc

e of Interstitial Art.  Art that lives in the cracks, between the spaces of the well-defined.”

Part of what attracted the editors to “e” was that some of its images, weirdly, can be found in the stories they’d already chosen for the anthology . . . . I guess we’ll see when Interfictions 2 appears this fall!  Meanwhile, watch this space for a mockup of the cover, coming soon.

Congratulations to Alex, and thanks to everyone whose art appears on the IAF Flickr page for all to see and comment on . . . and new work appears on the IAF homepage (in the blue column, to the right).  Please don’t forget that while the search is closed, the Flickr group is still open:  please keep posting your interstitial work, and keep in touch!



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2 responses to “Alex Myers selected for Interfictions 2 cover art”

  1. planoaddlct Avatar

    His artwork is great. I love that it isn’t permanent: it stands out from the crowd because you either appreciate it now or you just won’t know about it because it’ll be destroyed.

  2. Geoffrey Long Avatar

    Yep, I’m definitely tickled with it. There were a ton of great entries, and we’re still bandying about ideas for possible Very Awesome Things that might be done with the best of the rest, but this one should certainly capture some passing eyes.

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