Return of the sun

Very little to say except it is gorgeous outside.  Every day it seems things get a little brighter, a bit greener, and everything is beginning to smell like flowers.  It’s about time.  It wasn’t a terribly snowy winter here this year, but it was cold as usual.  I have a tendency to grow gloomy in the winter after a while, so this year I gave myself a course of vitamins, hoping it would counter the effect that grey prison wall skies have on me, and though I did notice a difference, which was very welcome, there was still a bit of struggle to get through.  I’m going to be spending a lot of time outdoors this summer.  If only you could store light somewhere in your body to use during the dark months.  Scientists, get on it! 

I have one more week of classes to teach, then several days of constant evaluation for grading, and then I’ll have a bit more time to myself than usual.  I’ll be doing some coursework of my own this summer, and working on my book, of course, so I certainly won’t be entirely free to wander through the summer months as if they’re endless.  I’ll be staying in Pittsburgh for quite a bit of time, actually, but it’ll be a bit of a break from the usual, and I’m looking forward to exploring that city more than I already have, getting to know it better.  

Other than this, I have a bit of good news to announce soonish, as soon as some paperwork is filed.  But mum’s the word till then.

Happy return of the sun.

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