Media mashup

Last week I was suddenly being followed by a lot of people on my Twitter site than made any logical sense to me, until my friend Gwenda twittered/tweeted/whatever-ed me to ask if I knew I was one of’s 100+ Best Authors Twittering.  Here’s a link to the article.  The authors are broken up into they category of fiction they write.  I’m in General Fiction, though most of my homeboys and girls are in the Scifi/Fantasy section.  

8396078-15dc35e36bf517fd2604bdee1d15a099.4a08adea-fullAnd then today, also via Twitter, my friend Jem linked to a picture she took of Outlook Magazine (a Columbus, Ohio magazine) with a HUGE picture of me on a full page, blocked by a listing of what I think might be an article about the Thurber House literary picnics that occur over the summer months.  I’ll be reading there this July 22nd, so if you are in or around Columbus then, come over and visit.  

The funny thing about both of these items is that several months ago when I finally opened a Twitter account, it was with great reluctance, as I sometimes feel more sapped of energy by the variety of social networking devices that continue to crop up in internet-land every year.  And I’ve certainly been twittering since opening the account, but hadn’t realized I was doing anything of particular interest (I find myself to be a pretty boring broken record sort of person, at least for the past year, grumble grumble, complain complain).  It seems it’s always the things one doesn’t want to do that turn out to surprise you with how surprisingly fun and connecting they can be.  

In fact, I’ve even added a Twitter box to the sidebar of this website.



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