A small taste of America in decline

An interactive segmented video about my home region’s loss of industry over the past thirty years, and how it may now lose its very last major manufacturer in GM.  It’s very well made, though a sad reality, and one that is now in the new century becoming the reality of more and more communities in America.  If you want to know what loss of economic foundations look like, watch this small portrait.  There are other documentaries I’ve watched that give bigger pictures, but this is a small taste of America in decline.

To watch it, click here.



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  1. Claire Voiante Avatar

    Christopher my friend, I too grew up in the rust belt, and suffered there far too many years…

    Some blame it on Obama, others on Bush before him, but all I know it is a sad affair.

    I’m hawking the following political image on CafePress in order to supplement (trying to) my income. I don’t want to turn to the streets, but I’m afraid that much more of this and I just might.

    Please have a look.



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