The Bear Dresser’s Secret

My good friend Richard (Rick) Bowes has published a story at Electric Velocipede called “The Bear Dresser’s Secret”.  It’s a very different sort of story from the kind Rick is known for.  Instead of a gritty, contemporary New York City, or a working class 1950s Boston, here Rick enters a much more playful realm of pure invention, and his sense of humor gets a place to put itself on display.  I highly recommend this story to anyone wanting a silly, witty, fun jaunt today.

4 responses

  1. Just read Rick’s story. Loved it! ….elephants of Countess Barzuki, with a new Celtic dance routine…that paints a picture in my mind of something quite familiar.

  2. I love it too!

    Sigistrix, Grismerelda, Freluchia and Countess Barzuki!?

    I ‘ll talk it to my grandchildren when the time comes, may be someday……

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