The Ghost Hunter’s Beautiful Daughter

In the October/November issue of Asimov’s, on magazine shelves now, you will find a new story penned by me, entitled “The Ghost Hunter’s Beautiful Daughter”.  It’s set in Warren, Ohio, just a twenty minute drive from where I sit in my office on the North Side of Youngstown, an old floundering steel town with a richly beautiful courthouse square that serves as its downtown, and wonderful old mansions and churches from a time when the region was prosperous.  Every year in the month of October, a local community theater, along with a local church, puts on a Ghost Walk through Warren’s historic district.  When I was a teen in high school, a troop of friends and I would always go on the Ghost Walk, which is more history oriented than it is interested in horror and frightening anyone.  The lives of former residents in the historic district are recounted, at least those who have a bit of a thrill in their family histories.  It’s always something I look forward to each autumn.  For this story, I wanted to set a scene at the Ghost Walk in Warren, which seemed appropriate since I was writing a ghost story.

As an aside, this is the first time a story of mine has been published in Asimov’s, over which my teenage self, if he could know about it, would totally be geeking out.

You can get a taste of the story over at Asimov’s right now, actually.  Just click here. And, if you like it, go out and buy a copy to read the rest of it, or order it online.  I hope you enjoy it.



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10 responses to “The Ghost Hunter’s Beautiful Daughter”

  1. Meagan Avatar

    Have you ever recieved a rejection from Asimov’s? Best/worst form letter ever. A single short paragraph and says something along the lines of:

    “Unfortunately we do not have time to respond personally to every submission to Asimovs. However, based on the majority of submissions we revieve, your story was most likely rejected because it is dull or unoriginal.”

    I’m not kidding.

    Anyway, congratulations. 🙂

    1. Christopher Barzak Avatar

      Oh gosh, that’s definitely pretty spiky. LOL. I hadn’t really sent much to Asimov’s prior to sending them this story, however, so I hadn’t seen that form rejection.

  2. Mike Prelee Avatar


    1. Christopher Barzak Avatar

      Thanks, Mike!

  3. fusakota Avatar

    I looked for it at a big book shop in Sapporo and found 2 copies.
    But I couldn’t buy it there because……
    see my blog,

    L & G, I am sorry in Japanese.

    1. Christopher Barzak Avatar

      So sorry that it was so expensive at the story; I’m glad you can find it cheaper online, though!

  4. Vickie Kress Avatar
    Vickie Kress




    1. Christopher Barzak Avatar

      Thanks for telling me, Vickie! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  5. GB Avatar

    Just read it last night (yeah I’m behind on my Kindle Asimovs subscription). I enjoyed it, but it ended too soon! I wanted to know what happens next. Thanks.

    1. Christopher Barzak Avatar

      Hi GB, thanks so much for your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the story. And you may possibly get to find out what happens next if I ever finish the novel I’m working on and move back into this story, which are my plans. It will be a while, though! 🙂

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