Author Nicola Griffith has blogged a call to action, which you can find here, in regards to a woman dying in the hospital whose same sex partner and children were not allowed by law to see her or receive any updates on her condition.  The hospital was later sued and the state awarded the hospital the win.  Complete insanity, complete and utter discrimination, all made somehow legal.  A woman died alone without the ability to see her loved ones, her children, because she was a lesbian.  That’s it, that’s all.

As another writer, Jeffrey Ford, states in his blog, “I’m sure many of those enforcing this law think themselves “good Christians,” but that’s the problem with too many Christians these days — they know all the dogma but forget about Christ’s most important message — Compassion.  There were also those involved, no doubt, who let the stupid Law grind itself out because they couldn’t think through to the point of how heinous it is.  I didn’t see anything about this case on the news — just endless stories about the publicity stunt with the kid in the UFO.  Sometimes I just get disgusted with America.  The open and government sanctioned persecution of gays in our culture shows us at our absolute worst.  Here we are in the 21st century and this situation, instead of getting better, is a Civil Rights crisis.”

Go read Nicola’s blog first, then blog about this crime yourself.  Yes, that’s what it is:  a criminal act justified as legal by an unfair, discriminatory legal system.



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4 responses to “Outrage”

  1. nicola griffith Avatar

    Thanks for blogging this.

    1. Christopher Barzak Avatar

      I couldn’t not, once I found it. Thanks for starting it up.

  2. Midori Avatar

    Chris — I share your outrage at this tragedy, but it’s a bit of a stretch to point so much of the blame (as Jeff does) on religious intolerance. Jackson Memorial Hospital is a secular University Hospital, (with some dreadful policies that allow it legally to deny anyone visitation rights to its patients). And it was a federal court that dismissed the lawsuit on the basis of that stated hospital policy. The only act of compassion in this horrible event was offered by a Catholic priest who was able thwart hospital policy long enough to reunite the couple briefly while he administered last rites.

    1. Christopher Barzak Avatar

      It may be a bit of a stretch to put blame on religious intolerance in this particular instance, but it’s very much at the root of our culture’s intolerance (which isn’t even a good enough word for this because it indicates a kind of superiority towards certain kinds of people in society anyway). That certainly has informed and empowered many examples of this sort of thing, at the very least.

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