Squirrel war looms on the horizon

(AP) Several squirrels are barking at each other outside my upstairs window like military personnel.  If any of them turns out to be the jerk who was living in my attic a year and a half ago or so, and if he’s planning to launch a new attack, there will be war.

Just sayin’.







4 responses to “Squirrel war looms on the horizon”

  1. Rick Bowes Avatar
    Rick Bowes

    Oh you brute. The squirrels just want to be your little woodland friends.

    1. Christopher Barzak Avatar

      This is only true in badly written fantasy fiction and badly told D&D modules. They are actually horrible creatures.

  2. Rick Bowes Avatar
    Rick Bowes

    You’d better watch out before you find yourself hauled up in front of the squirrel board!

  3. lucy Avatar

    I do not like squirrels at all. Sometimes, they’ll gather in my tree, 12 or 15 at a time, and I run for the door. Hearing that many squirrels chatter together frightens me. It always sounds like they’re planning an attack.

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