Gaslight Dogs

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Have you read any books by author Karin Lowachee?  Well, if not, now is your chance to start by picking up her newest novel, released just yesterday by Orbit Books.  It’s called Gaslight Dogs, and it sounds like a wonderful fantasy novel.  Here’s a description:

At the edge of the known world, an ancient nomadic tribe faces a new enemy-an Empire fueled by technology and war.

A young spiritwalker of the Aniw and a captain in the Ciracusan army find themselves unexpectedly thrown together. The Aniw girl, taken prisoner from her people, must teach the reluctant soldier a forbidden talent – one that may turn the tide of the war and will surely forever brand him an outcast.

From the rippling curtains of light in an Arctic sky, to the gaslit cobbled streets of the city, war is coming to the frozen north. Two people have a choice that will decide the fates of nations – and may cast them into a darkness that threatens to bring destruction to both their peoples.

This is the sort of fantasy novel I’ve been wanting to read for a long time.  Complex, unique cultures, native versus industrial colonial forces, personal choices that hold political ramifications and consequences.  I’ve ordered my copy and can’t wait to get my hands on it.  You’re next.



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6 responses to “Gaslight Dogs”

  1. Alisa Avatar

    This looks great- I’ve been hankering for an all-absorbing new fantasy novel. Looks like this could be it. I am seduced by the cover alone. Thanks for the alert!

    1. Christopher Barzak Avatar

      My pleasure!

  2. Shelley Avatar

    I like your phrase about personal choices with political ramifications. Contemporary literature, I think, could use a lot more of that.

    And it can also be found in a different genre: today is the first day of National Poetry Month! Enjoy.

  3. Karin Avatar

    Thanks, you!! I hope it lives up to that. 🙂 Also, love the new look of the blog!

    And I just noticed my blog link on the right is out of date… I’m at ~kiviuq now. 😡

    1. Christopher Barzak Avatar

      I’m sure it’ll live up to the description and then some, Karin! 🙂 And I’ll get on to changing the blog link. I am woefully behind on updating oh so many things! 🙂

  4. Tommy Avatar

    Great reeading

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