A note for students

Just a little note for students who might be reading my first novel, One for Sorrow, for a class:

There are no SparkNotes or Cliff Notes.  Sorry.  You’re going to have to read the whole thing or else find someone who has in order to write your essay or take your test.

Good luck!

(This message brought to you by the many internet search engines that have led people here with phrases incorporating both SparkNotes and One for Sorrow.  And a thank you to those teachers who teach the book!). 🙂






4 responses to “A note for students”

  1. Meagan Avatar

    NOW the question is when in 5 years the cliffnotes come out, do you edit this page, or hope students will come here and get the wrong impression?

    1. Christopher Barzak Avatar

      I will delete this post if ever a study guide to the book comes out. 🙂

  2. Theodora Goss Avatar

    Oh, this so made me laugh! 🙂

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