New Music Crush

Robyn is weird.  I barely remember her former early 90’s self, which was largely forgettable over-produced, mediocre dance music/love ballads that sounded like the dance music/love ballads of the time.  But thanks to the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live, I was turned on to Robyn’s reinvented contemporary self, and she made some really cool choices.  She still is a pop dance type, but she’s a totally weird diva, instead of trying to fit in.  This is probably made more possible by the Coming of Gaga, but after obsessively reading interviews with Robyn, this sound and look was a long time in coming.  I look forward to listening to all three parts of her 2010 triptych, Body Talk.

Try out a few other songs after this one:  Indestructible, Call Your Girlfriend, and Be Mine (the Nobel Convention performance of this last one is fantastic).






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