Birds and Birthdays Availability

Just a quick note to let everyone know that my new book, Birds and Birthdays, is available at the moment directly from the publisher, Aqueduct Press.  The book will be available via other outlets in the near future, and will also be available as an e-book, but if you’re looking to get a hold of the physical copy now, you can procure it by way of this link to the book’s page on the publisher’s website.

I’ll be back around when the book is out in full force and making the rounds.  If you’re a reviewer interested in reading the book for review on your website or blog, please feel free to contact me by e-mail (christopherbarzak  AT  gmail  .  com).  I only have limited copies, though, so requests from reviewers with larger readerships will have to take precedence.

Thanks so much!  More soon!







4 responses to “Birds and Birthdays Availability”

  1. Meagan Avatar

    Any idea when it will be available as an ebook? With looking after Ender, ebooks are pretty much all I get to these days.

    1. Christopher Barzak Avatar

      The ebook version will be available in September, Meagan!

      1. Meagan Avatar

        Awesom, thanks Chris!

  2. Meagan Avatar


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