Before and Afterlives Coverings

I’m so excited to see my full length collection of short stories, Before and Afterlives, coming together in advance of its March 2013 release. Below is the pre-visualisation for the cover, front, back and spine, by the book’s designer.  It will of course later have a description of the contents added to the back and blurbs, but this is the general look. I’m really excited to see it out.  Can. not. wait.

You can click to make the image larger, of course.




4 responses to “Before and Afterlives Coverings”

  1. Michael Dempsey Avatar

    Awesome! Beautiful cover.

    1. Christopher Barzak Avatar

      Thanks, Michael!

  2. cjclayton Avatar

    I just saw this! Amazing, lovely, haunting! <3 <3 <3

    1. Christopher Barzak Avatar

      Thanks! I love it too! So excited!

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