Interfictions goes online


Another new development for 2013 is that Interfictions, the anthology series that Delia Sherman launched first with co-editor Theodora Goss and then with me as co-editor of the second volume, will be moving into an online incarnation, including poetry, nonfiction, fiction, and hybrids forms.

Fiction editors are myself and Meghan McCarron.

Nonfiction and poetry editor is Sofia Samatar.

Submission guidelines and the submission portal can be found by clicking here. 

But here’s the skinny: We’ll be open for submissions in the month of February. Two issues will appear online annually, Spring and Fall. We’re paying 5 cents a word for fiction, 3 cents a word for nonfiction (preferably 9n the 2000-4000 word range) and poetry honorariums of 20 dollars per poem.

Interfictions was originally published in anthology format, and included work from writers like myself, Theodora Goss, Catherynne Valente, Jeffrey Ford, M. Rickert, Alan DeNiro, Vandana Singh, William Alexander, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Brian Slattery, and Lavie Tidhar.

interfictions2The second volume of Interfictions was an Best Book of the Year.

Send us your best work, your strangest work, your most uncategorizable work, to consider.

We’re in the midst of putting together a fantastic first issue that will release in spring of 2013. See you soon!






12 responses to “Interfictions goes online”

  1. Meagan Avatar

    Hmm… I still haven’t found a home for that Sleeping Beauty story. Apparently some kinds of creation preclude others. I have managed to polish it to my satisfaction from one naptime to the next. Maybe I’ll “send” that one in.

      1. Meagan Avatar

        Hey Chris, should I address the cover letter to you, or to both you and Meghan McCarron?

      2. Christopher Barzak Avatar

        Both please!

  2. Eric Rosenfield Avatar

    So the Submissions page doesn’t have anything about payment or rights or anything like that. Do you know what the story is?

    1. Christopher Barzak Avatar

      Rights are typical: first north american serial. Payment is 5 cents a word, as listed in this post.

      1. ericrosenfield Avatar

        Oh, my bad! I totally clicked the link and stopped reading the post. Thanks!

      2. Christopher Barzak Avatar

        No worries! 🙂

  3. bonniestufflebeam Avatar

    Are multiple submissions acceptable, or should we wait to hear back on one story before sending another? Thanks!

    1. Christopher Barzak Avatar

      Multiples are acceptable, but we recommend waiting to hear back on one first. Please send your best first! 🙂

  4. Joseph Harker Avatar

    Are multiples acceptable in different genres (poetry/fiction)? I’d wait to hear from one or the other, but I am already late to the party… :\

    1. Christopher Barzak Avatar

      Multiples in different genres are fine.

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