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Long time, no blog post. Hello, if you’ve found yourself here after not visiting for a while. I just wanted to let readers know that my next book, Monstrous Alterations, is being released on September 8th, 2023, from Lethe Press. Right now you can pre-order the book from the publisher directly (feel free to click to go there), but the book will become available on all the usual platforms and retailers closer to the release date.

You can also right now enter a giveaway at Goodreads for a copy of the book to read and review prior to its release. To do that, please just click through below to do so (you will have to join Goodreads in order to enter this, if you aren’t registered as a user there.

Here’s an advance endorsement of the book from the World Fantasy Award winning author of A Stranger in Olondria, Sofia Samatar:

“In Monstrous Alterations, Christopher Barzak fashions old tales into modern marvels, trimming, embellishing, and turning them inside out. A spellbound tailor, he is both witty with his scissors and entranced by his source material, enmeshed in Poe, Kafka, Christina Rossetti, and the vast fairy tale tradition. These stories display not only the power of craft but the helplessness of desire: that intoxicating stuff we call inspiration.”

I’m looking forward to having this collection of stories out in the world, and I hope you enjoy them!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Monstrous Alterations by Christopher Barzak

Monstrous Alterations

by Christopher Barzak

Giveaway ends August 24, 2023. Enter Giveaway






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