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  • When we are like Anne

    “Despite everything, I believe people are good at heart.” I’m so glad Anne Frank could believe this.  It’s a testament to her own goodness.  It is not a testament to human nature itself, though.  It tells us more about Anne than it does about ourselves. I don’t believe it.  I don’t attribute my disbelief to…

  • A repeal

    I hereby repeal my obviously premature congratulations to the state of Maine, which I gave out all too naively this past May. Now, instead, I’d like to say good luck to those Mainers who want a better, inclusive, love-supporting culture in which to exist for their and their children’s futures. I feel sorry for everyone,…

  • Late to the party

    Apparently on September 1st a little something called “The Outer Alliance”–a group that advocates for queer speculative fiction and those who create, publish, and support it, whatever their gender identity or sexual orientation, and make sure their work and actions reflect this support–made it’s debut on the internet.  Late to the party I am, as…

  • Stonewall at 40

    Rick Bowes writes a guest blog over at Matt Cheney’s blog The Mumpsimus, on Stonewall forty years later.  Read it.  It’s not only good, it’s a great perspective.

  • “Political Shifts on Gay Rights Lag Behind Culture”


  • Charlie Brooker on the American News Media. Funny

    Seriously funny, seriously pathetic, seriously.  Thanks to my friend James in Manchester for sending me this.

  • Prop 8

    There is nothing wrong with you.

  • Fail, fail again.

    UPDATED at bottom Apparently since February, has been de-ranking books that are gay-themed in some way, thus basically making them unsearchable as titles on the site, and taking them out of the view of potential readers.  I don’t have the “facts” on this, but it does seem to be true.  There are many titles…

  • All emo for the polis

    A friend writes five minutes after Ohio has been called for Obama and says that he’s immediately fallen in love with my state now.  I feel the same way, with a small variation on the feeling, though.  I feel like that unsure partner who receives a sign that perhaps it’s okay to put yourself back…

  • Foreground/Background

    Another TIme Magazine feature in the same week, this time down the road from Kinsman to Youngstown, with my friends Deb Weaver (of Youngstown Moxie fame–see blogroll) and Jan Pentz speaking, as well as the mayor, a smart guy.  A good portrait, once again, of people coming at this political dilemma from a variety of…