All emo for the polis

A friend writes five minutes after Ohio has been called for Obama and says that he’s immediately fallen in love with my state now. 

I feel the same way, with a small variation on the feeling, though.  I feel like that unsure partner who receives a sign that perhaps it’s okay to put yourself back into this relationship wholeheartedly.  In my house, everyone watching the election together burst into a collective cheer, then a huge sigh of relief.  It seems something was settled for us.

I hope that feeling can last.







4 responses to “All emo for the polis”

  1. lucy Avatar

    Perfect! As always. I feel the same way, a little less fringe, a little more mainstream. I feel accepted by my homeland; it’s weird, but I’m totally emo too.

  2. Rick Bowes Avatar
    Rick Bowes

    Yes, I take back all the awful things I’ve thought and said about Ohio. It’s just as good as any other state!

  3. Josh Avatar

    No, Rick, it’s better than several of ’em. But I’m glad it’s risen in your esteem.

  4. Karen Avatar

    Aw, hugs. EMO OHIOAN IS EMO

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