Valentine’s Cats

We got these little dudes a year ago today, and I’ve regretted it every day since.  Just look at their faces.  Regret is written all over them.

































They are totally into doing photo shoots.  Seriously.  Especially the one with the huge white mane (Kokoro).  In fact, the second picture from the bottom reminds me of the cover of that old Bergman film, Persona.  It’s appropriate, too, if you know that film. Kokoro has always got to be the one out in front, Yuki shyly looking over his shoulder.

New additions

Two new additions to the Outlook household, Yuki (Snow) and Kokoro (Heart–because he has a faint heart murmur the vet on duty at the shelter told me). Yuki has blue eyes and Kokoro green–otherwise I’d never be able to tell them apart.  They’ve been playing for the past five hours straight, and have finally settled down into these positions that compel me to take many many photos of them. This house is brimming with cuteness at the moment.