Category: Ridiculously cute

  • Valentine’s Cats

    We got these little dudes a year ago today, and I’ve regretted it every day since.  Just look at their faces.  Regret is written all over them.                                                        …

  • Gratuitous kitten photos

    My friend Jaci took these photos of my kittens a couple weekends ago, and now I find I am unable to stop myself from sharing the cute.  Thanks for photos, Jaci!

  • New additions

    Two new additions to the Outlook household, Yuki (Snow) and Kokoro (Heart–because he has a faint heart murmur the vet on duty at the shelter told me). Yuki has blue eyes and Kokoro green–otherwise I’d never be able to tell them apart.  They’ve been playing for the past five hours straight, and have finally settled…

  • The Stage is back, see you there…

    The STAGE. Come to it

  • Aww-inspiring

    I had to post this video after watching it at Bennett Madison’s blog. Ridiculously cute animal video, which is usually not my thing, but I had to share this one. Guaranteed to melt frozen hearts (unless yours is practically arctic). The end is the best part.