New additions

Two new additions to the Outlook household, Yuki (Snow) and Kokoro (Heart–because he has a faint heart murmur the vet on duty at the shelter told me). Yuki has blue eyes and Kokoro green–otherwise I’d never be able to tell them apart.  They’ve been playing for the past five hours straight, and have finally settled down into these positions that compel me to take many many photos of them. This house is brimming with cuteness at the moment.



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    Is the blue-eyed one deaf? Many blue-eyed cats are if they are also all white. Make sure to check for that, just so you are aware of it. Deaf cats have perfectly fine lives – they tend to compensate by hearing “vibration” instead, but they can become easily startled and stressed.

  2. The blue-eyed one isn’t deaf, according to the vet’s tests on him. I already asked because that was the one thing I’d heard about blue-eyed white cats, and wanted to know if he’d need any extra help navigating the world. 🙂

  3. Oh, that’s wonderful news!

    I had several deaf cats as a kid and they always seemed stressed, because the whole world snuck up on them.

    You realize that you’re going to have to religiously adhere to Friday Cat Blogging Rules, right?

  4. They’re very cute. I love cats. I’m glad because now I know what Yuki means, because i’m a great fan of the manga Fruits Basket, ans there’s a character named Yuki. Do you know what Kyo means, if it means anything? Oh and my cat’s name is Kirin;o)

  5. Hi Virginie,

    Kyo can mean several things, depending on which kanji character is used. Actually, so can yuki. In some cases “kyo” means “today”. But it has other meanings too. I love your cat’s name! (That’s a good beer, too–haha). 😉

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