Stupid dies as stupid does

No matter what rights there may be to do something like this, I can’t help but intuitively feel it’s criminal, what the AEI (American Enterprise Institute) has done:  offered money to scientists to undermine the U.N.’s assessment that global climate change is in a radical, dangerous state, mostly due to the human activity called industry, at which point we must have the common sense as a species to begin changing our behavior and actions in the world if we’re to save the habitat we live in–essentially, the world.  We need real superheroes right now, but unfortunately the evil-doers have woven themselves so far into the fabric of society as “normal” and “good” that many ordinary people who might be superheroes and don’t realize it can’t even recognize who the bad guys are. 

The AEI is a think tank with more than extremely close ties to the Bush Administration and powered by funds from Exxon-Mobil, which–oh my! look!–had a record-breaking year for profits this year.  Must be from all those tax breaks with which the Bush way of running government has provided them.

We need a government that will fund a campaign to save our environment, not war. 







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  1. madmouser Avatar

    If we stop going to war, your wish will come true. The Stone Aged Islamist will take us back in time, therefore saving the planet. It will not save the free thinking people, but who cares, the planet will be safe.

  2. Christopher Barzak Avatar
    Christopher Barzak

    The free thinking people of America–I wish I actually saw more free thinkers here. Most often I see people who think whatever they’ve been told is right.

    What use is war if we have no world that is habitable?

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