Standing up

I love this kid.  Let us have more people with his courage.

Let us have less people like the censoring, word-phobic, body-phobic school librarians mentioned in this article. The ones that haven’t been quoted out of context, that is. (Thanks, Gwenda). 😉

And read Scott Westerfeld’s response to it as well. 







2 responses to “Standing up”

  1. Gwenda Avatar

    On one of the children’s lit list-servs I lurk on at least one of the librarians quoted in the article says she was quoted completely out of context and actually already has bought Higher Power. That kind of thing just makes me mad for all the good librarians being besmirched!

  2. Christopher Barzak Avatar
    Christopher Barzak

    Oh the damned newspapers! What good are they (for the people) if they won’t be honest? That makes me mad too. Did she happen to provide the context for what she did say?

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