Is this the singularity?

I love interesting statistics like the one in this video from Youtube, which as been making the rounds among blogs and sites concerned with economic development lately.  I feel like I should be watching Braveheart or something when I watch it, but you’ll get the point.  We’re, uh…a little behind, I think.  The world’s moving faster than we are maybe.

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2 responses to “Is this the singularity?”

  1. John Ams Avatar
    John Ams


    Interesting video, but being the skeptic that I am paid to be, I question the basis for these “facts.” From what sources were these facts taken? Are they accurate?

    As for the conclusion that “shift happens,” that was a let-down. Found myself shrugging. I think I’m missing something.

    Wow, I sound crabby today.

    BTW, the soundtrack is from “The Last of the Mohicans.”

  2. Christopher Barzak Avatar
    Christopher Barzak

    I *knew* it had to be a soundtrack for one of those epic type films! Thanks for that.

    I’m on the pessimist side of things concerning America’s place in the world and what it’s doing at the moment, so I’m more inclined to believe than not. But the sources come from here:

    And the person who put the presentation together can be found here:

    Looks like it’s a high school teacher named Karl Fisch.

    Agreed the end was a let-down, though probably appropriate for high schoolers, who it seems it was originally intended for as its audience. It just leaked out, as all things do put on the internet. 🙂

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