Which way do you spin?

I just did this right brain/left brain test and am so weirded out.  It’s a test to see which hemisphere of the brain you use more.  Initially I saw the image of the dancer going clockwise, the right brain way of seeing it.   And I watched it and watched it and couldn’t see it the left brain way until I decided to focus on her shadow, and when I looked back up she was spinning counter clockwise.  Then I couldn’t see her going any direction but counter clockwise.  I thought for a while maybe this was timed and messing with me maybe?  So I focused on her shadow again and when I looked back up at her she was going clockwise again.  Then I didn’t even have to focus on the shadow but could focus a little while watching her spin and she’d switch directions right before my eyes.  I am probably freaked out by this more than I should be.  Our brains and eyes and their relationship is so odd, though, isn’t it?

Tell me if I’m flipping out or if this happens to you too.

Take the test by clicking here.

6 responses

  1. Don’t freak out — it’s just an optical illusion, and people respond to it in various ways. It doesn’t really have much to do with the “left brain/right brain” idea, since that’s at best a tremendous simplification of brain lateralization studies. (If you’ve got a functioning corpus collosum, don’t worry too much about which side of the brain you’re using…) No need to worry!

  2. At first, the dancer was turning counter-clockwise, but then I just kind let myself zone out and she started turning clockwise. I’ve been clicking on and off to see if it’s different, but she’s still turning clockwise now. I wanted clockwise, and to me, half of the fun of these tests is manipulating the answers (kind of like how I manipulated the answers on my Harry Potter lover test so that I would end up with Sirius Black). I have no idea, however, how her direction changed. A little freaky, but mostly just fun.

  3. これって変(へん)!




  4. Ooh, that is freaky…I could only see it turning clockwise, which actually felt really disturbing because I knew it ought to be possible to see it turning the other way. It makes you realize just how untrustworthy our visual perceptions can actually be, which is a REALLY freaky thing to think about!

  5. ごめん、クリス、そんなに単純(たんじゅん)じゃなかった。





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