Category: Silliness

  • Cat screams

    I have often told my friends that my cat, Kokoro (which in Japanese means heart or mind), screams at me for things.  Attention, food mostly.  But also just when he feels like it, he’ll just open his maw as wide as possible and let out a Tina Turner-like Big Wheels Turning-like note. Everyone says, Yeah,…

  • C’est Moi

    I rarely post pics like I did all the time in Japan, since it was like, you know, another country and all that.  But my friend Jan took a pic of me tonight at a board meeting for the Oakland Center for the Arts, and I didn’t realize it. I always like the candid photos…

  • Literature Map

    Have any of you out there ever come across this site called Literature Map?  It’s really interesting, to me at least.  What you do is enter an author’s name, and the site provides you with a map of other authors who you may like based on your entry.  The farther away from the central author’s…

  • Thought for the day

    I love the internet, but sometimes I feel like too much of my life is carried out on it.  It’s a necessity, to some degree.  But honestly, I sometimes dream that my laptop has bloodstained fangs.

  • Cheap date

    I had two glasses of wine tonight and somehow ended up joining Twitter.  Back in the day, it was a lot more to drink and a lot more absurd and shocking outcomes.  This is how you know you’re now beginning to become a fossil.   But if you want to “follow” me, my Twitter name…

  • That’s the dream, right?

    I laughed so hard I nearly cried. No, I did cry. I cried tears of…painful truth. And then I laughed some more. Link via Barth.

  • Gettin ready to rock

    Lately I have been in busy hell.  Forgive me if I owe you an email.  Right now, getting revved up to go to Wiscon at the end of this week.  Karaoke Party on Friday night.  Be there or be square, as they say in Paris, or in the 1950s.  Also this Wiscon Alan, Kristin and…

  • Cats for Engineers and Ordinary People

    Looking for a laugh?  This did it for me this weekend.  Via Kelly.  Arigatou!

  • Hello Kitty Hell

    Ever been?

  • Return of the Stage