Cat screams

I have often told my friends that my cat, Kokoro (which in Japanese means heart or mind), screams at me for things.  Attention, food mostly.  But also just when he feels like it, he’ll just open his maw as wide as possible and let out a Tina Turner-like Big Wheels Turning-like note.

Everyone says, Yeah, yeah, whatever.  He’s just a cat.

Well, here is proof.

Kokoro:  screaming:

5 responses

  1. Our cat likes to go off into a corner and yowl as though she’s looking for someone, preferably while holding a toy in her mouth.

    PS you KNOW once you start blogging about your cats, it’s all over, right? 🙂

  2. With Rudi, it’s all about food. If he can see a 1/4″ circle at the bottom of his bowl, he’s all over me – very loudly, all 15 or so pounds of him – until I get up to replenish his food. Now who’s the trained one?!

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