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I love the internet, but sometimes I feel like too much of my life is carried out on it.  It’s a necessity, to some degree.  But honestly, I sometimes dream that my laptop has bloodstained fangs.



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  1. Addisson Avatar


    Pieces of dead matter. The research facility concerning paranormal activity hardly recognizes this behavior. They are so busy chasing crop circles anything not manmade slips under the radar. The ghosts can get away with anything, including setting up an entire military-industrial complex.

    Paranormal Researcher: “I pretend to be fascinated by the unknown, but it’s really myself that fascinates me. I share emy findings online with my research partners, but I really see them all as extensions of my own solipsistic world, a tidal pool with no end.

    In life, the real ghosts evade me. Searching for plateaus until the long slide downward, the folly of youth catches up to me, ghosts from your past manufacturing my own demise. It’s inevitable that the research must end. The End approaches, beneath detection, not out of malice but to manufacture future haunting.

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