Hello Kitty Hell

Ever been?



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4 responses to “Hello Kitty Hell”

  1. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    That totally takes the cake.

  2. Lucy Avatar

    Fun post! I have to say, and I realize that I’m being a little harsh on my own sex here, but that’s what a man gets when he chooses to marry a woman who collects both Hello Kitty Toilet paper and insists on displaying it (in order??!!!) as part of the home decor.

    I’m with Hello Kitty husband–function trumps fashion…at least as far as hygiene products go.

    And now a moment of confession… I have a small Hello Kitty clock in the bathroom (I need to be able to tell the time in there). However, I wouldn’t care if my husband wiped his butt with it, as long as he replaced it with another clock.

  3. Tyler Avatar

    I’m not buying it. Couldn’t he have just called out to his wife to bring him a fresh roll of TP from the hall closet?

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