New Things from Last Year

Three “big” good things from my last year to be thankful for are:

Of course, my new house, of which I’ve posted more than enough pictures, but as rooms get remodeled, I will continue to post more. Here’s the guest bedroom’s new look.


And of course this little light of mine came out in 2007.


And also another book with my name attached to it came out in Japan this past November. “Kant: For Eternal Peace” is a bilingual book that presents the peace theories of philosopher Immanuel Kant to young adults. I did English translations of excerpts of Kant’s philosophy for the book. I’m particularly proud to have been part of making a book that promotes an understanding of the concept of peace in these war-storied recent years.


There were so many good things in the past year for me, but I won’t list them all. I hope 2008 is as good to me, and I hope it is to everyone else as well. Life doesn’t work that way, of course, but I hope for it even so.

Happy New Year.

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  1. あけましておめでとう

    やっとわかった!すごいことになってるのね!? 客間(きゃくま)の改装(かいそう)、すごくない? 
    Japanesque? My regards to your Interior decorator!

    Y espero un poquito mas.

    それから、Kant の本(ほん)はAmazon で★★★★★になってるね。わかりやすく書(か)かれていて、中学生(ちゅうがくせい)や高校生(こうこうせい)に読(よ)ませたい本だって、クリス、いい仕事(しごと)をしたわね!?


  2. Happy New Year to you, too, Virginie!

    I have passed on your regards to my interior decorator, okaasan. It’s very Japanesque, ne?

    Deb, you can come over anytime! Still working on a couple of rooms, so you’ll have to excuse those, but otherwise, come anytime! The Kant book is sold in Japan, but I might be able to get a hold of one for you.

  3. I bought this book at Sapporo Kinokuniya Book Shop yesterday.
    I found it very gorgeous book,
    the German translator Ikeuchi Osamu,
    the cover copperplate print by Yamamoto Yoko,
    many pictures by Fujiwara Shinya and others,
    and your English!
    My favorite page is 47,
    —Since our planet is a globe, and its ground limited, man must endure living together in this limited space.

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