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  1. Are you sure those kittens are bringing enough cuteness?

    I was puzzled by this link. Puzzled and depressed. I listened to the podcast and read the amazon review, which was woefully inadequate (imo) and still couldn’t quite get my mind around what he was saying. I found more information on The Chicago Council of World Affairs website, and I am less depressed, but I am still puzzled.

    What about his theory resonates with you?

  2. LOL, the kittens are bringing more than enough cuteness, and yowling at me for attention as I type.

    I see much of the same things occurring that he speaks of in this interview about the book, which I’ve ordered but not received yet. The midwest is a fractured place at this point, and in many ways still thinking in and along old-fashioned economic terms, rather than engaging with the ones that have been created in the wake of globalization. I also think the midwest is largely a working class population that, in the advent of manual labor and unskilled jobs being shipped overseas, doesn’t know how to do much else, and aren’t being educated on how to create new structures for themselves. I think a lot of people are still waiting for manufacturing jobs to return, rather than shift gears and try out something else.

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