NYT in Youngstown

As mentioned in a previous entry, the city is populated with politicians and reporters at the moment, which is both interesting and creepy.  On one hand, I think this region is deserving of more attention.  On the other hand, it seems late in the game.  But better late than never?  I dunno.  Maybe.

Here’s an excellent piece by the New York Times about Youngstown and the political climate in Ohio.  And here’s an interesting video feature from the Times, featuring my friend Phil Kidd, who runs the Defend Youngstown site.  Thanks for repping, Phil!

“We’re sick and tired of the empty promises and the same old story line about Youngstown and the mills,” said Phil Kidd, 28, a blogger and community activist who has sold 10,000 T-shirts that shout “Defend Youngstown” over the image of a steelworker swinging a sledgehammer. “The problem is that this is a rubber-stamp Democratic area so they know it’s almost a guarantee they’re going to get our vote. We just have to hope that this time whoever wins won’t forget about us.”







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