One for Sorrow in Italy

One for Sorrow debuts in Italy this month. Here’s the cover of the book there. And they’ve retitled it as The Secret Voice of Crows, since the title doesn’t translate well because of the rhyme from which it comes not being part of the culture there, I think. I like the new title as well. They’re comparing it to the film Donnie Darko, which I also like a whole lot. I hope my Italian readers like the book. I’ve had the most wonderful conversations via email with my publisher and translator in Italy over the past few months, and hope I have the chance to meet them one day.

This book has felt like a non-stop birthday party. It’ll be over one day, but I’m still having fun until then.



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  1. fivehusbands Avatar

    Chris I tweeted your Italian publication to my twitter friend who is an Italian language professor – she did a whole twitter project with her students and Italian students –

    Congratulations – One for Sorrow is One for Joy for you.

  2. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    Thank you so much, Judy. And so cool to be part of a student project!

    By the way, here is the publisher’s MySpace press release about the book:

    Elliot Edizioni

  3. fivehusbands Avatar

    from iVenus on Twitter:

    @iVenus retweet @fivehusbands: un nuovo libro di Christopher Barzack “la voce segreta dei corvi” leggete, diteci cosa pensate (casa editrice ellint) 31 minutes ago from web

  4. eac Avatar

    Hi Christopher, I just wanted to wish you luck on the Italian translation. One wonderful thing about Italians is they love to read! I also wanted to let you know about the Italian title. The symbolism of the crow is basically a bad omen…one must learn from the past.
    “CORVO: Simbolo di profezie negative. Insegna a imparare dal passato.”

    The Italian title is catchy. I will retweet it as soon as I post on my blog “pimping” your book.
    Best wishes!

  5. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    Thank you so much, eac! The symbolism of the crow in the book is also a bad omen, and the narrator must learn from his community’s past as well as his family’s and his own mistakes, so it’s an apt re-titling of the book. Thanks for “pimping” my book, too!!

  6. lucy Avatar

    The Secret Voice of Crows is kick-ass. Donnie Darko (I’ve heard) is kick ass. Well done, and enjoy every minute of your party 😉

  7. ndr Avatar

    I’m italian, and I’m reading it! more news when… 😉
    I can say the book is a very good…object, the cover, the paper and the ink have a nice touch, about the smell I can’t say, in this period my nose is out of work…and the taste, well, I wait for the end…
    however, good luck!


  8. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    Please do let me know what you think after reading it, too, Andrea! And thanks for the loving description of the physical object itself! I can’t wait to hold a copy of it in my hands too! 😉

  9. Jody Leon Avatar

    YEAH! I knew those two years of Italian lessons would pay off eventually! Ciao Bello!

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