What I heard

What I heard on a walk around my neighborhood tonight:

“Bush said the entire economy’s in danger.  He sayin’ it like it’s our fault.”

“Brother still won’t own up to bein’ a straight-up mofo loser takin’ us down with him.”

“Shit.  We still ain’t ownin’ up to puttin’ the mofo in office either.”

I didn’t put that man in office!”

“You ain’t done nothin’ but complain to me about him either.  Why don’t you go protest or somethin’!?”

“Yeah, I suppose I should do that.”

“Yeah, I suppose I should, too.”


6 responses

  1. “Brother still won’t own up to bein’ a straight-up mofo loser takin’ us down with him.”

    There is truth in the most basic of exchanges, isn’t there?

  2. Technically, it IS our fault the economy is in danger. Who made the shitty home loans – the people. Who couldnt pay them because they don’t know what an ARM is? The people. The people at the banks and insurance agencies screwed up. They are no less citizens than the rest of us. And where is my email Chris! 😦 *sadface*

  3. ndr, i’m so sorry to hear you have your own b over in italy!

    tyler, hope the meeting went well! good for you!

    eric, i’m with you and also a little skeptical that ordinary citizens are to blame for predatory lending. i think taken advantage of is more likely. i know several families that have lost homes from it, and they were flat out lied to. certainly lied to by other citizens of the country, certainly, but taken advantage of nonetheless. and the parameters for their ability to take advantage of other citizens was supported by the current administration’s policies. it’s a mess, but i think it’s more the fault of a handful of people than everyone’s. your email is coming! the past couple of weeks has been radically busy. soon! 🙂

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