Welcome to America

With a cold rain falling, the truck bangs along a gray road past weather-beaten houses raised on stilts. A few years ago, two-thirds of the village was finally connected to water and sewer lines; this is the one-third still waiting. Many residents, including Mr. Snyder, bathe with water retrieved from the Kuskokwim River and use honey buckets as latrines. Some of these malodorous buckets sit like garbage cans along the roadside.

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2 responses to “Welcome to America”

  1. Karin Avatar

    Depressing. I saw very similar things in Nunavut, though at least the town I lived in had running water and toilets. It’s a crime that anyone that America says is its citizen is forced to live without basic needs.

  2. keyanadrake Avatar

    Sad, but beautifully written, very vivid. People shouldn’t have to live so hard no matter what country they are citizens of.

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