It breaks my heart

Truer words…



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4 responses to “It breaks my heart”

  1. Jenny Rae Rappaport Avatar

    That made me cry. =(

    I wish I could post it on my blog, but then I get tremendous backlash about how I’m using a blog to promote a political agenda.

    *le sigh*

    1. Christopher Barzak Avatar

      Yeah, people are weird, as if the personal isn’t the political. I figure if we don’t use our blogs for whatever we want to say, they aren’t our blogs any longer. 😉

  2. ghg Avatar

    I cried too, but it’s 6:51 am and it was a peppy, singing along beauty buzzy kind of thing.

    To me, everything’s political and everything’s personal, but I don’t get out much…

  3. Jenny Rae Rappaport Avatar

    And I mean, the personal is political. If we don’t express our political beliefs and actively participate in our societies, what the hell good is there about being a citizen in a democracy?

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